The Fountainhead

Leadership is not about theoretical hard skills. It is an intuitive intelligence, based on vision and soft skills. Great leaders have changed peoples’ lives and won over nations. Although they look at the same things as us, they just see them differently.

At Fountainhead, we provide an ideal platform for you to think outside the lines, challenge yourself and conduct one-to-one sessions and team discussions. Your days here will be filled with intense learning and self-reflection!

The environment at Edelweiss Fountainhead is figurative of all the great instances of teamwork in nature, be it migrating swallows that streamline themselves while flying or a colony of ants building their winter nest.

Spread over six acres in Alibaug, Mumbai, Edelweiss Group initiative is based on the philosophy of ‘Learn Inside, Think Outside’. In keeping with this principle, Fountainhead provides excellent infrastructural facilities and an environment that helps unite the inflow of knowledge with the outflow of ideas.

It is a launch pad for budding entrepreneurs, corporate teams and individuals to channel morality and courage and be catalysts for positive change.

Fountainhead is an architectural delight, located between the diverse flora and fauna of Alibaug, surrounded by Mango and Palm trees and with tasteful wooden pathways, leading up to its doorstep.

The main building has 50 artfully decorated rooms, four luxury villas, five modernistic conference areas, open-air amphitheater with a capacity of 200-250 people. It also houses one elegant Restaurant & Bar, a spacious leisure area, an Olympic sized swimming pool and a well frequented Jacuzzi.

It is our state-of-the-art amenities and easy accessibility that makes us one of the most coveted destinations for training and developmental projects, conferences, motivational drives and get-away meetings.

Embark on the path to becoming a Fortune 500 company by honing your abilities and giving shape to your goals in our serene environment.